Bri & I Am 


Based out of Chicago singer/songwriter Bri Ingram emerges from a time of upheaval and brokenness by making the title of her solo debut EP the powerful self-affirmation I Am –as in “I am love,” “I am talented,” “I am capable,” “I am…” As she sees it, it’s a declaration that has empowered her to create the invigorating life circumstances she wanted. It’s been a way to teach her outer self how to accept the unlimited power of her inner spirit – and realize that those things she has placed in her imagination could become reality. It’s the way she defines who she is and what she’s capable of, and a way to honor her Divine spirit. 

 " Bri Ingram is an amazing talent whose new studio album, Bri I Am, will speak to your heart, especially if you have an affinity for candidly honest songwriting set to alternative country-rock music. Upon first glance, one might assume that she’s just another pop singer, but if that’s your early assessment you’d be way wrong. Bri Ingram is the quintessential Windy City tough girl who has just as much moxie as Donald Trump has ego. "        -The Miews ( I Am Entertainment)
 "The songs on Bri Ingram’s first EP, I Am, are so incredibly emotional and full of heartache that I can’t help but love how courageously Bri combines her lyrics with such beautiful and awe-inspiring music. "                       - The Voice Magazine



I Am

by Bri Ingram

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