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A passionate yogi and spiritual seeker who leans towards taking a metaphysical perspective on the emotional ups and downs of her life, Naperville raised, & Chicago based singer/songwriter Bri Ingram emerges from a time of upheaval and brokenness by making the title of her solo debut EP the powerful self-affirmation I Am –as in “I am love,” “I am talented,” “I am capable,” “I am…” As she sees it, it’s a declaration that has empowered her to create the invigorating life circumstances she wanted. It’s been a way to teach her outer self how to accept the unlimited power of her inner spirit – and realize that those things she has placed in her imagination could become reality. It’s the way she defines who she is and what she’s capable of, and a way to honor her Divine spirit.  


Cathartically pouring out true to life stories and drawing on her equal passions for pop, soul, alt rock and country music, she creates a heartfelt, spirited and ultimately uplifting and personally empowering collection. Though grounded in the cool melodies and catchy choruses she created with Minneapolis based songwriter/producers Davide Raso and Owen Sartori, I Am is eclectic by design. Like Bri herself – a multi-talented artist on a fascinating journey, still evolving and discovering her truest voice – the collection offers us many facets of her musical background. She sees it as a huge step for her personally to step into what she calls “this untapped dream,” which helped build her back up and bring her back to life emotionally and creatively.


Though she’s been singing since she was seven, Bri began sitting in with bands in her hometown of Naperville (outside Chicago) with bands at blues clubs throughout the city. Inspired by the blues, she began toying with songwriting and lyrics – drawing from a personal journal – about six years ago. She saved up a collection of lyrics and song memos and got together with a local producer and blues musician on one tune – but quickly became discouraged and took a break. Then a former boss of hers from the marketing event production industry, Robert Sheridan, tapped her to sing on tracks on a solo folk EP he was working on. The EP (released under the artist name Red Sky) received good buzz and airplay. When Sheridan passed away unexpectedly, Bri was adrift – but soon found her direction through singing again and deciding to write and record her own project. . 


The soul-searing pop/rock ballad “Save Me,” taps into this sense of loneliness, insecurity and feeling lost in order to find one’s true self again, and the exciting desire to embark on risky new ventures. It’s about having to feel some darkness in order to see light again and step into the unknown – and this is a change you have to make yourself. The similarly passionate “Can’t Even Cry” draws primarily on challenging relationship experiences Bri and others close to her had been through; itconveys a sense of those moments when you’re so sad you can’t even muster tears. The crafty, horn fired blues jazz romp “Belly of The Beast” is the anthem of the EP, with Bri artfully and wittily outlining her artistry and journey to redemption, declaring “Fly without a parachute and give the dice a roll.” It’s about her decision to become an artist despite these negative experiences and any discouragement from within or outside herself. She also loves the pointed, biting sass of “Little Black Dress.”


 “The songs on I Am are really personal and completely about the journey I was on,” she says. “They capture all the things I wanted to say to people but in a playful way that is honest. I love songs that tell stories and it was important for me to convey my personality and feisty side but also my sweetness and vulnerability. I like witty and Owen, my co-writer on many songs, is a great witty songwriter. I haven't really heard anyone do what it is I'm doing and that was something I focused on: being me, different yet mainstream enough for the general public. It is sort of one melting pot of those components and several difficult years a lot of growing pains and coming into myself. Being an EP, I wanted to show many genres and lots of personality. On my next record, which I am already thinking about, I want the focus to be more on range and my chops as a trained vocalist.” 



by BRI

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